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The Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index is a classification numeric system created to group similar folktales from different cultures, created by Finnish folklorist Antti Aarne (1867-1925) in 1910 and latter revised and expanded by American folklorist Stith Thompson (1885-1976) in 1928 and by German folklorist Hans-Jörg Uther in 2004.

Animal Tales[]

Magic Tales[]

Supernatural Adversaries (300-399)[]

300 The Dragon Slayer
300A The Fight at the Bridge
301 The Three Stolen Princesses
302 The Ogre's Heart in the Egg
303 The Twin Brothers
304 The Dangerous Night-Watch
305 The Dragon's Blood as Remedy
306 The Danced-Out Shoes
307 The Princess in the Coffin
310 The Maiden in the Tower
311 Rescued by the Sister
311B* The Singing Bag
312 The Maiden Killer
313 The Magic Flight
313E* Girl Flees from Brother Who Wants to Marry Her
313H* Flight from the Witch
313J* The Sorceress and the Sunshine Fairy
314 Goldener
314A The Shepherd and the Three Giants
315 The Faithless Sister
315A The Cannibal Sister
316 The Nix of the Mill-Pond
317 The Tree That Grows Up to the Sky
321 Eyes Recovered from Witch
325 The Magician and His Pupil
326 The Youth Who Wanted to Know What Fear Is
327A The Witch Burned in Her Own Oven
327B The Children and the Ogre
327C The Witch Carries the Hero Home in a Sack
327D The Kiddelkaddelkar
327F The Witch and the Fisher Boy
328 The Boy Steals the Ogre's Treasure
328A Jack and the Beanstalk
328A* Three Brothers Steal Back the Sun, the Moon and the Stars
329 Hiding from the Princess
332 Godfather Death
333 The Glutton
334 Household of the Witch
361 Bearskin
363 The Corpse-Eater
366 The Man from the Gallows

Supernatural or enchanted family (400-459)[]

Wife (400-424)[]

400 The Man On His Quest for His Lost Wife
401 The Princess Transformed Into a Deer
402 The Mouse (Cat, Frog) as Bride
403 The Black and the White Bride
404 The Blinded Bride
405 Jorinde and Joringel
407A The Bayberry Child
408 The Three Oranges
409A The Girl as Goat
410 Sleeping Beauty
410* The Petrified Kingdom
411 The King and the Lamia
412 The Maiden with a Separable Soul in a Necklace

Husband (425-449)[]

425 The Search for the Lost Husband
425A The Animal as Bridegroom
425B Son of the Witch
425C The Girl as the Bear's Wife
425D Vanished Husband Learned of by Keeping Inn
425E Enchanted Husband Sings Lullaby
425F Bird Steels Jewel from Heroine
425G False Bride Takes Heroine's Place
425H Short Form of the Tale
425K Search in Men's Clothing
425L The Padlock on the Enchanted Husband
426 The Two Girls, the Bear and the Dwarf
428 The Wolf
430 The Ass
431 The House in the Wood
431B* Girls Follow Breadloaf
432 The Prince as Bird
433B King Lindorm
437 The Supplanted Bride (The Needle Prince)
440 The Frog King or Iron Henry
441 Hans my Hedgehog
442 The Old Man in the Forest
444* Enchanted Prince Disenchanted
449 The Tsar's Dog

Sibling (450-459)[]

450 Little Brother and Little Sister
ATU 450A The Brother Transformed to a Snake
451 The Maiden Seeks Her Brothers
451A The Sister Seeking her Nine Brothers
452B* The Sisters as Oxen

Supernatural tasks (460-499)[]

461 Three Hairs from the Devil's Beard
465 The Man Persecuted Because of His Beautiful Wife
475 The Man as Heater of Hell's Kettle
480 The Spinning-Women by the Spring
480A* Three Sisters Set Out to Save their Little Brother

Supernatural helpers (500-559)[]

500 The Name of the Supernatural Helper
501 The Three Old Woman Helpers
502 The Wild Man
503 The Gifts of the Little People
510A Cinderella
510B The Dress of Gold, of Silver and of Stars
510B* The Princess in the Chest
511 One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes
511A The Little Red Ox
513 The Extraordinary Compnions
514 The Shift of Sex
516 Faithful John
518 Giants Fight Over Magic Objects
530 The Princess on the Glass Mountain
530A The Pig with the Golden Bristles
531 The Clever Horse
533 The Speaking Horsehead
545A The Cat Castle
545B Puss in Boots
550 Bird, Horse and Princess
551 The Water of Life
552 The Girls Who Married Animals
554 The Grateful Animals
555 The Fisher and His Wife

Magic Objects (560-649)[]

560 The Magic Ring
561 Aladdin
562 The Spirit in the Blue Light
563 The Table, the Donkey and the Stick
564 The Magic Providing Purse
565 The Magic Mill
566 The Three Magic Objects and the Wonderful Fruits
567 The Magic Bird Heart
571 All Stick Together
571B Lover Exposed
571C The Biting Doll
575 The Prince's Wings
585 Spindle, Shuttle and Needle
590 The Prince and the Arm Bands
621 The Louse-Skin

Supernatural powers or knowledge (650-699)[]

653 The Four Skillful Brothers
653A The Rarest Thing in the World
673 The White Serpent's Flesh
675 The Lazy Boy
676 Open Sesame

Miscellaneous (700-749)[]

700 Tom Thumb
704 The Princess and the Pea
706 The Maiden Without Hands
706C Lecherous Father as Queen's Persecutor
707 The Three Golden Children
708 The Wonder-Child
708A* The Rose-girl and the Queen
709 Snow White
710 Our Lady's Child

Religious Tales[]

750A The Wishes
753 Christ and the Smith
758 The Various Children of Eve
775 Midas' Short-sighted Wish
779H* The Star Coins
780 The Singing Bone
782 Midas and the Ass' Ears
785A The Goose with One Leg

Romantic Tales[]

The Hero Wins the Princess' Hand in Marriage[]

850 The Princess' Birthmarks
854 The Golden Ram

The Heroine Wins the Prince's Hand in Marriage[]

870 The Princess Confined in the Mound
875 The Clever Peasant Girl
879 The Basil Maiden

Fidelity and Innocence's Tests[]

894 The Ghoulish Schoolmaster and the Stone of Pity
898 The Daughter of the Sun

The Taming of the Shrew[]

900 King Thrushbeard

Clever Words[]

923 Love Like Salt

Tales about Fate[]

Robbers and Murders[]

952 The King and the Soldier
955 The Robber Bridegroom


981 Wisdom of Hidden Old Man Saves Kingdom

Tales of the Stupid Ogre[]

Jokes and Anecdotes[]

Cumulative Tales[]